New Restrictions on Creditors’ Rights Exclusions in Title Insurance Policies by Holme Roberts & Owen LLP

Anyone who obtains title insurance, whether as an owner or a lender, should be aware of a recent abrupt and significant change in title insurance practices across the country. Title companies have recently stated that they will no longer delete creditors’ rights exclusions from, or add affirmative creditors’ rights coverage as an endorsement to, any of their issued title policies. In fact, the American Land Title Association (ALTA) voted to withdraw the ALTA Endorsements 21 and 21/06 as official forms, effective March 8, 2010, and the California Land Title Association (“CLTA”) voted on February 4, 2010, to decertify the CLTA 131 and 131-06, its counterparts to the ALTA 21 and 21/06. 

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